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If you’re looking for comfort, style and affordability from a four star hotel in London’s city centre, the Rathbone ticks all your boxes. We offer not only an amazing location from which to explore the city, but also a quality of service and facilities that ensures an incredible stay.


The Perfect Central London Location

When you’re looking for accommodation in London, you have lots of places to choose from but of course it all depends on your budget. There are youth hostels for £20 a night up to world-class luxury and opulence for £1,000+ a night and everything in between.

Yet for those seeking that ideal mix of quality and value, the Rathbone is the perfect solution, and a great example of what you can get from exceptional 4 star London city centre hotels.

Sitting happily on Rathbone Street and next to Charlotte Street and Charlotte Place, the Rathbone is in a quiet corner of central London, just a few minutes’ walk from the beating heart of one of the most exciting cities in the world. We place the satisfaction of our guests at the very heart of everything we do – just one of the many reasons why we consistently rank among the very best four star hotels in London city centre.


Location, Location, Location – A London City Centre Four Star Hotel

The Rathbone is ideally located just a stone’s throw from all the action London’s city centre has to offer. Located in the quietly tucked-away surroundings of Charlotte Street, the Rathbone is just a short walk from Tottenham Court Road, Oxford Street, Soho and the West End and London’s amazing Theatreland. Everything you could possibly want is on your doorstep – from world-class restaurants and the finest museums to hundreds of pubs, restaurants and world class theatres. It’s the perfect base from which to explore the city.

The hotel effortlessly fuses a modern, contemporary style, understated elegance, great service and affordability and – while we’d never sell ourselves as a cheap 4 star hotel in London centre – we do boast some of the most competitive like-for-like prices on the market, ensuring you get fantastic value for money that is hard to beat.


An Ideal Hotel for Any Visit to London

Here at the Rathbone, we cater for everyone – business travellers, families, tourists and couples looking for a romantic break – and we are the ideal London city centre 4 star hotel from where to base your adventures in the city.

We have 72 air-cooled rooms that are spacious and conducive to rest and relaxation and we offer the sort of amenities and facilities that aren’t out of place at the best 4 star London centre hotels, including:

  • FREE wi-fi if you book your stay on our website
  • FREE continental breakfast every day you’re with us
  • Great money-off discounts at local restaurants, health clubs and spas
  • An outstanding room service menu and a beautiful bar and lounge

We are a family-run four star hotel in London city centre and a major reason why guests come back time after time is our focus on the quality of service. Our 24h reception staff and our knowledgeable concierges are available for information, advice, help with booking restaurants, theatre tickets, taxis and tours as well as inside info on the best places to go in London!


London – Coffee Capital

There’s so much to do in London that even if you went out every day and night for five years, you still wouldn’t pack everything in!

As an affordable 4 Star hotel in London’s city centre, we give you everything you need for a great stay including free in-room tea and coffee facilities which will set you up perfectly for your packed days out but if you’re out and about when you’re in need of a caffeine injection, you can find coffee shops on virtually every corner and surprisingly to many, it’s been like this for almost 350 years…!

In the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, there were around 3,000 coffee shops in London where people would get together and do basically the same things we do today – debate, deal, gossip and read the papers.

A Greek called Pasqua Rosee opened London’s first coffee house in 1652 in Cornhill. Previously, men had met in taverns but they were rowdy, dangerous places full of drunkards and not conducive to business or serious debate about the issues of the day. Coffee ‘will prevent drowsiness and make one fit for business’…  A mantra that holds true today!

The proliferation of coffee shops in London and the fact that newspapers were distributed in them turned them into de facto reading rooms and places to advertise sales and auctions and the best known places started to attract a serious clientele.

On Tower Street, Edward Lloyd’s coffee house became the place for people to go to get insurance for boats and ships and evolved eventually into Lloyd’s of London, the most famous insurance market in the world. Jonathan Miles who owned Jonathan’s Coffee-House in Exchange Alley would put up prices of stocks and commodities which became the forefather of the London Stock Exchange. The auction houses Southeby’s and Christie’s can also point to their formative years in London’s coffee shops.

Baston’s, also on Cornhill was used by physicians as a consulting room; literary businesses would use Chapter in Paul’s Alley; scientists of the magnitude of Sir Isaac Newton and Professor Edmond Halley went to the Grecian which was on the Strand and the writers morphed towards Will’s on Russell Street in Covent Garden.

Not everyone way happy though. The Women’s Petition Against Coffee was established in 1674 when wives were unhappy at the amount of time their husbands were spending in these coffee houses and even though King Charles II earned a significant amount of tax revenue, he said they were ‘places where the disaffected met, and spread scandalous reports concerning the conduct of his Majesty and his Ministers’.

By around 1750, tea took over from coffee as England’s most loved drink. It was, ironically, made popular by King Charles II’s wife Queen Catherine and when the East India Company started to import tea from the subcontinent, it was firmly established as the drink of choice.


Why Choose The Rathbone – One of the very best Four Star London City Centre Hotels

There are lots of top London city centre 4 Star hotels but we believe the Rathbone will provide you with your ideal choice. We give you a fantastic experience from the minute you check in to the minute you check out, combining great customer service, amenities and facilities, friendly staff, great food and the perfect location as well as a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor.

What more could you ask for from the best four star hotel in London city centre? Come and see for yourself!


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