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If you’re looking for half term hotel deals in London, the internet is your best friend.  There are thousands of deals to choose from including, of course, some incredible special offers at the Rathbone!

While we were planning our amazing value half term deals, we wondered about how school holidays differ around the world. Here in the UK, school children get six weeks in the summer, a week in April, another week in October and then two weeks over the Christmas and New Year period, but how much holiday time do kids get around the world?


School Holidays Around The World


It turns out that there are plenty of parents around the world who can’t search for half term deals in London hotels or even London half term hotel deals because their kids don’t get half terms!

Half terms and school holidays in general seem to vary through Europe and around the world. For example, Italian summer holidays last a staggering 14 weeks, Spanish kids get 13 weeks and in Bulgaria, they get between 11 and 16 weeks! That’s almost four months!

Bulgarian parents must be tearing their hair out over the holidays so if you’re in Bulgaria (or Italy, Spain or indeed anywhere else in Europe), we’ve got the best solution for bored kids…

Search ‘half term hotel deals in London’ and bring them here for a week or two. Plus, London has so much to do you can be sure they won’t have time to be bored!

However, spare a thought for children who go to school in the Kashmir Valley in India. Their summer holiday lasts 10 days! (Although they do get 10 weeks in the winter…)


London Half Term Hotel Deals


With the advent of cheap and regular flights to London from all over the world, finding half term hotel deals in London is relative straightforward but because London is an amazing city with so much to do, hotels like the Rathbone get booked up fast. If you are looking for a London half term hotel deal, especially for October, take a look at our special offers and book today because we’re getting full and we most certainly don’t want you missing out on an amazing break!

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London Half Term Hotel Deal 2: Lowest Available Rate Save Up To 20%


What Would You Rather Do?


You’ve got a choice for the next half term (providing your kids do actually get a half term) – stay at home with the kids, do the things you always do, have them glued to screens for hours, or go online and search for a great half term hotel deal in London.

What’ll it be?

We thought so! If you’ve decided on a break and you’re looking for a half term hotel deal in London, you know exactly where to come, and when you’re here, we’ll make your stay as welcoming and exciting as possible!

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08 December 2023