Burger Craft

Not a restaurant as such, rather a permanent fixture at four London pubs including the Exmouth Arms, a few minutes’ north of the Rathbone. Burger Craft have created one of the most aptly-named burgers we can think of, the Juicy Bastard. £13 gets you two dry-aged beef patties smothered in molten cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and a subtle yet tangy smokey BBQ sauce. There is also the Cheesus Christ, the Sloppy Joseph and the buttermilk fried chicken Hipster Chick.

One critic said ‘each bite left me wanting more’ and we know how they feel. These are great, honest, tasty burgers served in a traditional pub without the gaudy Americana, the loud music and the overly-eager waiting staff. Old-school dining at its best!

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23 June 2024