Flat Iron

A former Shoreditch pop-up and current Soho resident, Flat Iron does the business for a crisp tenner and if you’re happy to wait half an hour or so, you’ll find one of London’s best steaks. The menu has one thing on it (steak) and one price (£10) and you will do very well to find better value for money in the entire city.

The flat iron steak is a relative newcomer to the tried and tested cuts of beef you’ll find all over London but you’ll be an immediate convert. There are no reservations at Flat Iron, you rock up, put your name down and go and grab a drink somewhere.

When you get back, all you need to do is decide how you want your steak cooked and order the triple-cooked chips with a side of creamed spinach and you’re good to go. Refectory tables and bare brick walls emphasise the New York influences and for high-quality dining at its most basic, Flat Iron is the place.

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08 December 2023