Goodman Mayfair

Goodman is a proper New York steakhouse in the middle of London. It’s owned by Russians, serves meat of the highest quality from the UK, the US, Italy and elsewhere and wines from all over the world. The charcoal ovens use sustainable wood blends and are kept at a scorching 375-400°C and every single piece of hand-cut meat that comes out of the kitchens is dry-aged on-site. This is a decadent steak restaurant with a high-end club vibe where £2,000 bottles of wine are regularly ordered.

The usual prime cuts of spectacularly flavoursome and tender beef are all well represented including the Porterhouse, Bone-in Sirloin and Rib-Eye, the New York Sirloin and the Fillet but they’re not cheap. A Lake District Grass-Fed Fillet is £45 but you’ll know where that extra money went when you take your first bite.

The truffle chips are as indulgent as it’s possible to get and if you’re looking for a dining experience rather than just a meal out, Hawksmoor ticks all the right boxes.

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13 April 2024