No reservations, ‘good cop bad cop’ line patrols, a violently loud dining room, ‘burgerettes’ serving your food and a ‘no suits, no ballet pumps’ rule, you could be forgiven for thinking this is one place to avoid, but if you’re a burger fan, avoid it at your peril!

The ‘Dead Hippie’ is their signature with two French’s Mustard-fried burgers, volcano-hot cheese, Dead Hippie Sauce (don’t ask what’s in it, you’re likely to get yelled at by a giant with lots of tattoos and piercings) and the usual ‘fixins’.

Fries are fries, not chips and if you’re feeling extra-indulgent, have a look at what they affectionately call the ‘Garbage Plate’, a colossal mound of fries topped with burger patties, melted cheese, homemade gravy and a triumvirate of fried onions, crispy shallots and white onions. Unsurprisingly they do a mean cocktail too. This is burgers on an industrial level but they are seriously good!

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09 December 2023