Patty & Bun

All-day queues are testament to Patty & Bun’s reputation as one of London’s best and most popular burger joints. A laid back atmosphere with an unpretentious menu of just seven meat burgers and four plant based burgers means you don’t have to spend all day agonising over what to have!

Their signature ‘Ari Gold’ burger (named after Jeremy Piven’s character from Entourage) is a classic cheeseburger with smokey P&B mayo served on a sweet, glazed brioche bun and is undoubtedly their best-seller. At only £8.75 (add £1 for bacon), it’s delicious without being a bank-buster. Their hand-cut chips with rosemary salt are superb and they also do chicken wings and thighs but quite honestly if you want chicken, go elsewhere. This is all about the Ari Gold!

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16 July 2024