STK at the ME hotel serves top-notch USDA Prime beef but it’s not all about acronyms here. Think Ibiza-style neon, a clubby feel and some of the juiciest steaks in London. Oddly for a restaurant, it describes itself as ‘female-friendly’ and their website proclaims that STK is ‘not your Daddy’s steakhouse’ (we’re not entirely sure what that means either). The ambition is as high as the prices and you can choose from small, medium or large steaks with all the classics represented including the quite stunning Japanese Wagyu at £40 per 100g.

A review in the London Evening Standard described the interior as both Kanye West’s dining room and a blinged-up first-class airport lounge and while there’s a decent choice of non-meat options, if you want a good coconut-fried halibut, go somewhere else.

STK is all about the steak and the pretentiousness, going as far as suggesting that ladies throw on an LBD and heels but if you look past the possibility of running into footballers and pop stars, you’ll eat an exceptional steak and that’s the point, isn’t it?

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08 December 2023