Zelman Meats

Sounding more like a wholesale butcher, Zelman Meats is run by the same lot who own Goodman and Burger & Lobster and the front page of their website says ‘We cook beef.  That’s all we do.’ If that’s all they do, they better do it well. They do. Very, very well.

The menu, such as it is, offers diners three things. A sliced picanha (a popular cut from Brazil that we call the rump), a sliced chateaubriand and smoked short ribs. That’s it. They do triple-cooked chips and very cool sides such as aubergine with harissa and courgette with feta cheese and for dessert you can have Will’s Nan’s apple pie with ice cream.

The meat is charged by weight and the vibe is industrially buzzy. The steaks are simply superb and superbly simple – just how true meatheads like it.

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08 December 2023